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FAVORITES - library blogs

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Have you found or created a library blog that you'd like to share with your friends before CSLA Conference?  Let us know the address (URL) and a few words or sentences about it.


  1. http://schoollibrarylearning2.blogspot.com  Yes, you guessed it!  This is CSLA's summer 2.0 professional development course.  If you are working your way through the online course, then you must be almost finished!  (If you haven't started the summer 2.0 fun course, it is never too late -- and it is free.)
  2.  Here's some of my work for CSLA 2.0
  3. Not Your Mother's Librarian includes CSLA information as I get ready to go to my very first conference. I will blog at it and provide a summary after the fact.
  4. NeverEndingSearch - Joyce Valenza's awesome School Library Journal blog.
  5. LibrarySlim - I hope to blog about my conference experiences - my first Legi- Luncheon (our superintendent is going!) and my first time presenting at CSLA.  Woohoo!

Are you going to be blogging about the conference before-during-after?  Let us know your blog address!

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